About Company

Apex Quartz have for 20 years used their in house R&D and production teams to provide high quality quartz stone slab

Apex Quartz is a leading of premium grade quartz stone products to national and international markets. Based on the advantage of self-own factories and quarries, our business activity has covered more than 20 countries.

Quanzhou APEX Co.,Ltd. is leading quartz slabs factory located in Shuitou Town, Nan’an City, which is known as “China Stone City”, occupied an area of 60 acres. The office buildings, staff quarters, workshop and warehouse are total more than 40,000 square meters. It is a new modern enterprise integrating product design,   production and marketing.

APEX adheres to the development concept of “excellence”, boldly breaks through the artificial stone production process, and develops a more distinctive new quartz stone with rich natural colors, natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss.

The product has five characteristics: Scatch Resistance, Pollution Resistance, Anti-Oxdant, Anti-Burning, No Radiation.


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